Technology Solutions LLC

is a company specializing in international business search activities, export / import consulting, business brokering, e-commerce and translation services. Owners and senior executives require more than a report from advisors and consultants. They expect proven business solutions to meet their daily challenges of operating their companies. Managers require seasoned, senior-level professionals to help make decisions, develop solutions and implement plans that achieve exceptional results.

AMERCOR provides the independent judgment and specialized knowledge necessary for strategic planning, strategic partnerships, efficiency integration, product sourcing and procurement, PR, promotion and advertising for new or existing US-Europe and US-Asia business relationships.

Corporations facing increased market pressure are seeking innovative ways to enhance profitability in lieu of growing sales or downsizing their workforce. Through AMERCOR Business and Marketing Services parties that were historically adversarial (buyer and seller) join together to implement mutually beneficial project goals. With barriers removed, productivity increases and costs fall dramatically. Ultimately, long term win-win relationships are formed and everyone prospers.

Customer Focus

- Dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction
- Driven to deliver results
- Innovative solution provider
- Targeted specialized service
- Professionalism
- Confidential service
- Reputation for excellencev - Trust, integrity and honesty
- Teamwork
- Committed to working together
- Global approach to coverage and execution
- Highly qualified, experienced team | Zemat Technology Group | Boxmaking machines | Cutting plotters